Padwa Restaurant Traditional Polish and Roztocze dishes

Padwa restaurant is located in the middle of Zamosc's grand market square in the beautifull renaissance basements of Zamoyscy tenement. This historic tenement was designed by architect from Padwa Bernard Morando the main arhitect of the old, historic city of Zamosc. Morando had build this tenement for Italian Francesco Telani but not long after that the tenement was owned by Jan Zamoysky, the chancellor and the founder of the Zamosc.

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Menu Specialte Padwa’s Restaurant specialties

Chief’s regional specialties

Chanterelle soup served with croutons
II place award at „Smaki Zamoscia i Roztocza” ~
Dumpling with buckwheat groats and cottage cheese, reheated in butter or bacon served with a glass of kefir ~
with: cabbage and mushrooms, buckwheat and cottage cheese, lentil, meat, served with cracklings and kefir ~
Hungarian potato cake
smelled with pepper served with salads
MARY'S delicacy
Veal chop on toast with pineapple and plum in combination with potatoes and salads. Made for Polish queen Mary.
”Ordynat” chop stuffed with mushrooms and cheese served with toasted potates and salads

Italian cuisine

Prawns salad
prawns fried in garlic butter, lambs lettuce, tomatoes, spices, parmezan cheese ~
Ragu Spaghetti
spaghetti noodles, beef and pork meat, tomatoes, onion, parmesan cheese, basil ~
Spaghetti with spinach
spaghetti noodles, spinach leaves, cream, garlic, parmesan cheese ~
Spaghetti with salmon
spaghetti noodles, pieces of fried salmon, onion, lemon juice, cream and dill sauce ~
Prwans pasta
tagliatelle noodles, prawns, tomatoes, butter, lemon juce, parsley ~


Traditional Pork chop
Pork chop coated in bread-crumbs and egg served with chips and raw salads
Pork knuckle
served with mustard and horseradish
Pork tenderloins
served in chanterelle sauce served with potatoes and spinach
Vienna schnitzel
with fried egg, potatos and salads
Grilled chicken breast
with orange sauce served with broiled potatos and salads
Baked pork neck in a hunting sauce
served with mashed potatoes and salads

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Open hours

Monday through Sunday: 9am - 11pm