About Padwa Restaurant History and current times

History of Padwa restaurant

Padwa restaurant is located in the middle of Zamosc’s grand market square in the beautifull renaissance basements of Zamoyscy tenement. This historic tenement was designed by architect from Padwa Bernard Morando the main arhitect of the old, historic city of Zamosc.
Morando had build this tenement for Italian Francesco Telani but not long after that the tenement was owned by Jan Zamoysky, the chancellor and the founder of the city of Zamosc.

Current times

Clients of the restaurant have a possibility to watch photo gallery exhibition „Zamosc in old photography” were old photografies and portraits are presented.
Our restaurant as first of all has started to served original dishes alluding to Italian and Hungarian culinary traditions. We are serving traditional Polish kitchen specialties, which would pleased expectations most choosy gourmets.